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Processing Partners is aware of the fact that the given credit card penetration for some countries is not as well established. Some international customers prefer alternative means of payment besides credit card payments, such as Euro Direct Debit and Direct Pay solutions. The PAY.ON Gateway provides for approx. 400 different alternative billing solutions in addition to credit card processing.

Today’s marketplace has evolved to a global economy and factors such as multi-currency processing along with the integration of alternative payment solutions have become crucial to stay competitive.

Processing Partners provides a comprehensive and relevant alternative payment solutions portfolio in order to meet this growing requirement.

Provided Billing Solution

European Direct Debit

It’s not a well kept secret that the majority of the European citizens prefer other payment methods rather than online credit card payments.

This notion is due to the low credit card penetration throughout European countries as well as different preferences in payment. The most common and accepted payment solution within the European market place is Euro Direct Debit. This billing solution is similar to U.S. ACH or Check21 payments but provides for recurring billing capabilities.

Direct Debit is the most widely used form of payment other than cash for most European countries.

By using our billing solution you are able to bill the following countries:

  • Germany (DE)

  • Austria (AT)

  • The Netherlands (NL)

  • United Kingdom (EN-UK)

  • Spain (ES)

Euro Direct Debit is the perfect addition to credit card billing. Leave it up to your customers to select the payment method of personal preference.

Furthermore, you are able to bill clients which bear a general interest in your products and services but are lacking a credit card.

Sofortüberweisung is a direct wire system that allows customers to use their Internet banking facility to pay for purchases online just as they do with a credit or debit card. This payment gateway is available to 17 million German bank account holders and is entirely chargeback free.

Provided Billing Solution


Provided Billing Solution


ACH and Check21 are electronic networks for financial transactions within north-America. These two alternative payment solutions are the perfect addition for domestic credit card processing. An integration of these payment solutions will reduce the overall cost of check and credit card transmissions by lowering the amount of NSF’s/declines and chargeback’s, while enabling merchants to receive funding faster. Here is a summary of the main advantages:

  • Same day fund availability

  • Merchant to bank transactions

  • Nower nsf’s transactions

  • Lower chargeback ratios

A wide range of additional alternative billing solutions

In addition to the above, we are offering 300+ alternative billing solutions which are all integrated into our ACI / PAY.ON Gateway Technology all accessible via one-single API integration. It is our mission to assist our clients in attaining the best possible conversion ratios when dealing with an international eCommerce customer base. Please contact our Sales Team for further information.

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