Online Gambling biggest force on the WEB

As the rise of online and mobile-based gaming and gambling has increased, so has the need for payment solutions. Finding the right partner for your credit card processing is not easy and this is especially true for online gaming companies.

Online casino and gaming merchant accounts from Processing Partners are available for companies in the following industries:

  • Digital Games

  • Online Casinos

  • Slot Machines

  • Table Games and Poker

  • Mobile App Based Games
  • Sports Betting

Online gaming and casino companies face several difficulties concerning payment processing, specifically the potential of higher rates of chargebacks for the company and its credit card processor.

Because of these challenges, it can be complicated for online casinos to find a willing processor to offer them a merchant account. Banks and lenders label casino companies as “high risk” for a variety of reasons.

Processing Partners is here to help and you really want to have experts like us support your business. As with any good partnership Processing Partners is always by your side.

We understand the nature of online gaming businesses and will develop a fully customised solution with you to exceed your specific needs.

A majority of travel related transactions occur long before the delivery of the actual product or services, and this is referred to as deferred delivery – for this reason travel merchants are viewed as high-risk.

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