Enhancing the mobile checkout experience

Processing Partners mobile payment solution is available for any Apple or Android application and enables merchants to integrate a white-label mSDK to accept payments in the most frictionless way possible. Wherever, whenever and however their shoppers prefer to pay.

The mSDK is an essential part of Processing Partners eCommerce Payments solution, and features a white-label SDK (software development kit) for simple integration into existing merchant mobile apps. A major challenge for merchants is that shoppers today are demanding access to the many ways to pay through mobile devices. With ACI’s mSDK, merchants can quickly and easily enable a range of traditional and alternative payment methods within their existing apps. Developers can write a few lines of code in a matter of minutes, execute within ACI’s test platform and go live by making a configuration change.

Benefits at a glance

PP’s eCommerce Payments platform is making it easy to integrate payments into any iOS or Android application. It connects to the same platform as supported through the browser for traditional eCommerce, offering the same high level of payments security and PCI compliance.

Processing Partners’s mSDK dramatically simplifies the integration of payments into any mobile application.

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