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Processing Partners is using the gateway technology of ACI PAYON AG – the leading global provider of payment and risk management technologies and global processor for online payment transactions.

The gateway technical infrastructure is the world’s largest independent payment routing gateway. Our clients grow on a global scale with our products by outsourcing their technical transaction processes, expanding their services and connecting to leading acquiring partners in the industry.

Maximum Flexibility: we connect you to all payment methods worldwide or scale you up to highest peak loads.

Maximum Connectivity: from Europe’s most powerful Internet node, our fully redundant London data centers offer you maximum availability and real-time fail-over capacities.

Maximum Security: we are PCI certified to the highest level and are independently monitored.

Our teams answer all your questions on multinational payment. Find out how our gateway services fulfill your requirements and expectations.

Payments without borders

The technical payment network consists of more than 300 alternative payment methods and 400+ bank acquiring integrations, covering more than 160 countries.

Bank Acquirers
Availability rate
One source Solution

Compliance with the highest standards

Our PAY.ON gateway is fully PCI DSS Level 1 certified (since 2005) and is a member of the PCI Initiative. By using our online payment services, you are automatically PCI DSS compliant. Dual redundant data centers and a data recovery site gives clients a highly secure and resilient payment system with 99.99% availability rate.

Infrastructure built for speed

The Open Payment Platform Technology, based on an open API architecture, operates via a single integration point for speed and simplicity. Modular solutions support our client’s specific business cases, with added fraud prevention, monitoring, reporting, and business service tools.

Integrated fraud prevention

Fraud is a constant threat in the eCommerce world. It is our mission to employ the most sophisticated fraud prevention to safeguard the business of our clients. Our fraud protection tools are enabling companies to protect revenues, support growth, and enhance shoppers’ eCommerce and mCommerce experiences. We do offer the best-in-class anti-fraud solution which ensures fraudsters are blocked and genuine shoppers welcomed.


KPI Measurement, Transaction Reports, Settlement Reports and any other needed data can be delivered in realtime.

WebShop Plugins

Processing Partners provides the relevant Plugins and works with

  • Python
  • Lime Light
  • Magento
  • Woo Commerce
  • WP eCommerce
  • Jigoshop
  • Drupal
  • Presta Shop
  • xt:Commerce 3
  • xt:Commerce 4
  • Gambio
  • xtcModified
  • commerce:seo
  • Opencart
  • MijoShop
  • AceShop
  • Oxid eSales
  • SEO marcari
  • JTL Shop
  • Shopware
  • COPYandPAY

    COPYandPAY is our JavaScript payment widget that sends sensitive payment data directly from the shopper’s browser to the Open Payment Platform (OPP)

  • Server-to-Server

    Our Server-to-Server API allows payment acceptance services to be integrated directly, offering fully flexible workflows for frontend and backend processing.

  • Plugins

    Our Plugins, libraries & SDKs make it even more straight-forward to integrate to the Open Payment Platform (OPP).

  • Mobile SDK

    Our Mobile SDK for Android and iOS makes it straight-forward to integrate to the Open Payment Platform (OPP) for mobile devices.


Risk Management

Our risk management enhances your profitability through our advanced risk management features.

Chargeback Monitoring

We offer a new transparency level for fraud management and Charge-back Monitoring Analysis.


Tokenization protects your shoppers sensitive payment details.

Merchant Transaction Analysis

Our merchant transaction and analysis platform (BIP) is the most powerful Web-based tool in the market.

PCI-compliant Payment Page

PaySourcing offers a PCI DSS Level 1-compliant hosted payment page. The Web Payment Frontend (WPF). The payment page is designed to maximize conversions, and it offers maximum flexibility.

Maximise profits through modular risk intelligence

Our integrated risk intelligence solutions offer tailored fraud protection for all online payment methods and industries.

Mobile-App / In-App Payment

Unleashing the growing potential of mobile ecommerce. The in-app payment library helps developers to quickly implement a PCI-compliant in-app payment page directly in their native mobile applications.

Mobile POS
Accepting Card Payments at the point of sale

With mPOS payment providers can enable their merchants to accept payments directly with their mobile phone.

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