State-of-the-art Risk Management

Custom Risk & Compliance tools allow us to detect fraud at a very early stage, while applying a sophisticated risk assessment on all levels. Our in-house Risk & Compliance Department consists of experienced Risk Managers equipped with state-of-the-art modular software, automating the underwriting and merchant screening process. It is our mission to keep our client’s business safe at all cause and the same applies to our bank acquiring & billing partners.

The challenge for Risk & Compliance Management is to keep the fraudulent transactions out while letting the good ones be processed. Processing Partners has a wide range of risk settings available on gateway level that can be activated in a matter of a simple mouse click. Therefore, an individual rule set can be activated for different processing channels.

We offer the largest range of risk management tools on the market, tailor them to suit your business needs. Therefore Processing Partners is doing more than 120 risk checks to strongly protect your business against fraud and chargebacks. Processing Partners provides all the security tools the industry offers.

In addition, our Compliance Department assures on continuous basis that all merchant clients are fully compliant with the card scheme regulations.

To avoid leaving money on the table, you need a wide selection of best-of-breed tools to choose from and adapt to your merchant’s needs.

  • Complete Data validation, like doublet checks, black and white lists

  • General checks, like BIN checks, address verification

  • IP-based checks, e.g. anonymous proxy or geo-location built on Neustar IP (formerly Quova)

  • Plausibility and velocity checks

  • Intelligent fraud detection algorithms

  • Authentication checks, like 3-D Secure, email, SMS, bank account or credit card authentication

  • Monitoring and control through data-mining correlation tests

  • All expected external risk checks, like Schufa, Infoscore, ThreatMetrix, ReD Shield, Gatekeeper, Deltavista

  • Internet Payment Service Provider Compliance (IPSP)

  • Payment Facilitator (PF) Compliance

  • Chargeback and Fraud Forecasting Methodology

  • A large number of third-party risk checks and database providers that are integrated with PAY.ON

  • Effective risk scoring

  • Transaction Rule Development

  • High-Risk Due Diligence (e.g. Entertainment, Pharmacy, Forex, Gambling, etc.)

  • Merchant Due Diligence

  • Merchant Compliance

  • Website Compliance

  • Merchant Application Service

  • Individually tailor checks and set exit conditions

All checks are done in real time based on our vast database of debits, chargebacks and other historical transaction information and are scored accordingly.


  • Minimise chargeback fees, fraudulent and unauthorised transactions.

  • Increase conversion rate rather than refusing good business.

  • Customise filter settings according to your business needs.

  • Increase reputation through minimising fraud.

  • Easy to use – no special technical configurations needed.

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