Single API – 24 Hour Integration

6 Reasons Why Dealing with a Single Payment Service Provider and a single API is better

1. Minimize compatibility problems

Because Processing Partners specifically design their products to work together, on the same platform, there are several advantages for the merchant including no double data entry, more cross-application features and faster processing speeds.

2. Get new features sooner

Since you’re already running on out platform you have the infrastructure in place to deploy new features or applications from us a lot quicker, without all the pre-flight checks normally required when taking on features.

3. Save time in the procurement phase

We all do it but not many of us actually enjoy time spent comparing vendors to find the best. If you had to do that every time you needed a new application you’d wear yourself out. If you’ve already found a quality supplier, it’s easier if you can stick with them for additional software you need.

4. Processing Partners take more responsibility

There’s an old saying ‘one bloke to choke’ that can apply when working with a single vendor. In contrast, a multi-vendor environment can have you going from one to the next to get a problem resolved, with each vendor blaming the next.  Using Processing Partners eliminates all of this.

5. It’s just easier

One phone number, one contact, one invoice; it’s just easier dealing with one Partner. Simple.

6. Faster deployment and staff training

Our platform follows the same style of usability for all features. Similar controls and functionality means new features and applications can be rolled out, and staff won’t require a lot of intensive training to get up to speed.

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