Fantasy Sport Games  Have Become a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Millions of young sports aficionados across the globe are now hooked on to fantasy sports, and the number is rising rapidly. Are you part of the next wave of sports entertainment?

With player entry fee projected to grow to $31 billion by 2020, payment solutions are of great importance and we have attempted to cater to this challenge. Processing Partners know payments and can help you cross the finish line and support this growing industry.

Fantasy sport games let participants create their own imaginary teams using real players from different sports, teams scheduled to play in a league or a match. They win or lose based on the real performance of the players in their fantasy team. The underlying factor for the growth is fans’ passion for deeper engagement with the sport, and a desire to be part of the action.

Processing Partners bring a wealth of knowledge about online transaction processing and work with a wide range of acquirers that have the same passion for sports and the skills around Fantasy Sport Games, with a total comprehension of game play, customer experience and risk management.

Together Processing Partners is your single point of contact for the perfect payment processing partnership.

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