Tokenization & Scheduling

Recurring billing comprises a large percentage of electronic payment transactions. Processing Partners fully supports our merchant clients in all their recurring billing needs. Our clients have at their disposal the option to either schedule payments on a predefined timeline which allows our gateway system to automatically rebill the clients at the set dates and times or use Tokenization by which the rebills are managed on the client side. Additionally, shopper information can be safely stored on the gateway in an encrypted form allowing full PCI compliance. Data can be stored at the shopper’s request or by our merchant client. The data can be used in subsequent rebill transactions or to enable one-click checkouts for returning customers.

Tokenization allows you to store the payment data for later use. This can be useful for recurring and/or one-click payment scenarios. Please note, you should be fully PCI compliant if you wish to perform tokenization requests server-to-server (as it requires that you collect the card data). If you are not fully PCI compliant, you can use the COPYandPAY tokenization tutorial to collect the payment data securely.

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