Transaction Monitoring

Our robust platform provides our merchant clients with real-time monitoring of their transactions using the Business Intelligence Platform (BIP). You will receive your own dedicated access to the BIP, provided to you by our technical team, where you will be able to actively interact with your transaction flow, seeing the status, amount and time of each transaction.

You are provided easy-to-use tools to refund or reverse transactions, export detailed information and monitor your real time performance. History of each transaction and related transactions are easily accessible, giving you deeper insight into your relationship with your shoppers. Detailed search functions help to sort and locate transactions based on a diverse set of parameters such as, BIN, Country, IP, Amount, Time and Date, etc.

To further elevate your processing performance, Processing Partners have created a custom reporting system that notifies you via email of processed volume and approval ratios per currency and card scheme weekly.  Detailed analysis is performed to determine problematic return codes, BINs and currencies – all value add services which are available on demand.

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